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Tributes for Glenn St. Charles continue from around the world.....

Howdy, here is a snapshot Carol Mauch had of Glenn, Dick and Fred....  This was taken at the famous Plum Creek Cabin.

 Shoot Straight, Frank


Diane Miller & archery friends-

I am sitting at the dining room table at Dick and Carol Mauch's home in Nebraska as I opened that email telling me of Glenn St. Charles's passing.  Dick was napping on the couch... woke him up to read him your email.  When Fred Bear passed away Dick and Glenn had a bonfire on Fred's behalf.  We will have a bonfire tomorrow night at the Plum Creek cabin in memory of Glenn St. Charles and a life well lived. 

I hope to shoot a turkey there too tomorrow and that too will be in Glenn's memory. I had mailed him a get well card just last week when you told me he wasn't doing well and I bet it didn't make it in time.  Sigh.  Another archery pioneer is gone and our archery family has lost one of our legends.   We will have to recruit many, many youngsters in the coming years to help fill a void these pioneers have left. 

 Dick Mauch said he's heard Glenn say "such a deal" many, many times.  I understand these were his last word. God Bless all of you, Glenn's family & friends.  You did a beautiful job with the tribute on the Archery Hall of Fame website Diane.  Thank you.

Let's hope we don't lose many more pioneers in the next year or so, seems we lost too many the past couple years.

Frank Addington


From Missouri


Hi Diane;


Thank you so much for the fitting tribute to Glenn.  I know it was a true labor of love.

 I have notified all of the officers of the four statewide archery organizations in Missouri.  I have also challenged them to be messengers to their

members of the debt our sport owes to Glenn and those who have gone before him.  I asked them to raise the awareness level among their

membership regarding the great leaders and pioneers who have given us what we enjoy today.

 May God continue to bless you in all of your efforts;


Dick Wood


From New Jersey

Thank you for a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest bowhunting legends that has ever lived.  As with many, the passing of Glenn St. Charles saddens me.  I was fortunate enough to meet Glenn at the Pope and Young Convention in Pennsylvania.  It was a great honor for me to meet and talk with him. He even joked about betting me to race him in his scooter.  Without men like St. Charles, Pope, Young, Bear, Mauch and many others, archery today simply would not be were it is; we owe it to these great pioneers that they should not be forgotten. 

The stories in Bows on the Little Delta has stuck with me for many years - I now believe it is time to re-read it again. I hope many new comers and the younger generations in archery will continue to read and know their forefathers.

Glenn's family will continued to be in my thoughts and prayers, and may his legend live on.  Thank you.

Kurt Wille  - Concept Archery


One of Archery's last pioneers gone

Glenn St.Charles passes at 98

 Many aspire but few are chosen.....


From Maryland


Glenn was a real life hero and mentor to me and I will always relish our friendship. I will always remember the kindness that Glenn showed me when I walked into the shop 12-years ago and was invited to go upstairs and talk story with Glenn. Over the years we spent some special times together and I will cherish those times and the things he shared with me forever. I will always remember the sparkle in his eyes when I’d bring him his favorite venison jerky. I especially offer my sincerest thank you to Suzanne and Roger for their kindness for allowing access to Glenn and sympathy to all who feel the loss of such a wonderful man. Glenn will never be forgotten by any who knew him and his legacy will live on in the renewing interest and strength of traditional bow hunting values.

From France 

A pioneer of bow hunting left to the forever and unlimited hunting plains.
I wish God indicates him the best trails for successful hunts.
For his Family and friends, please receive all my                      

                       Francois Loussouarn

From Michigan

Well done Di
He was a dedicated man. I  respect that  he was so successful at his vocation. I am so glad that thanks to you I was able to make his acquaintance .I know you  were a good friend to him. In his closing words I am surprised he did not include what I heard him say so many times in Berrien Springs at the Compton Get Together  2 years ago.  "every ones here except Diane" Such a deal"

Les Brown

 From Ann Clark

Another Legend has passed. Please express my sorry to Genn's family. So many memories, my lasting friendship over the years, as I recall the beginning of his efforts of the Pope & Young Club, so many years ago, his foresight, and his on going memorial to all Bowhunters and archery in general. I doubt he can ever be replaced,


       Glenn and Margaret, together again.....

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