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  Remembering the            Professional Archers Association


First PAA trial tournament in 1961 in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Back row: Jack Witt, Ann Clark, Willie Burns, Carl Heinrich, Bob Rhode, Sylvester Chessman, George Gardner and Karl Palmatier.

Middle row: Ann Clark: Bob Pender, Bill Partin, Jack Clark and Gene Ellis.

Setting front row: Margaret Tillberry, Jane Waite, Carol Meinhart.


Thank you to Les Brown for supplying the above names




Steve Robinson, Jim Miller, Vic Berger and Bill Harris at 1969 tournament event.






Familiar site on the shooting line



                                                                                              Chuck Jordan


                 Tournament site in the 1970's                                Bill Bednar takes aim



  Bob Rhode, First PAA President                                       Ed Rohde



           NFAA President, Pat Wingfield and PAA President, Dave Staples discuss national event, 1970's





Take a walk through history with us     as we rediscover the Professional Archers Association.

     The Beginning.... 

The Professional Archers Association was formed in 1961 by a group of prominent archers who were able to recognize the need for an administrative body to manage and direct the future of the professional aspects of the sport of archery. The first formal   "Tour" was established in 1963 with a total of ten events with purses totaling $20,000.

At one time the PAA sanctioned and managed most archery competitions offering cash purses held in the United States, trained and certified professional coaches and actively promoted the professional aspects of the sport to the general public.


Tournament Director, Les Brown and  Promotional Director, Diane Miller  during PAA Championship in Graying, Michigan in 1972     


The first decade of PAA Champions 1963 - 1974 dominated by Bednar, Berger, Butz and Tillberry        


1963 - Daytona Beach Florida - Bill Bednar - Margaret Tillberry

1964 - Irish Hills, Michigan - Bill Partin - Margaret Tillberry

1965 - Irish Hills, Michigan - Bill Bednar - Margaret Tillberry

1966- Point Pleasant, W. Virginia - Bill Bednar - Marie Stotts

1967- Pasadena, Calif. - Victor Berger - Evelyn Goodrich

1968- Canton, Ohio- Steve Robinson - Gwen Learn

1969- Flint, Michigan - Victor Berger - Ann Butz

1971- Grayling, Michigan - Jim Riley, Jr. - Ann Butz

1972- Grayling, Michigan - Victor Berger - Ann Butz

1973- Grayling, Michigan - Sherm Winter - Ann Butz

1974- Pinehurst, NC - Frank Gandy - Ann Butz


                                  Top: Ann Butz and Victor Berger,  Bottom:  left:   Margaret Tillberry,  right: Evelyn Goodrich                     Photos by Diane Miller

Gwen and Lee Learn, Pittsburgh, PA  - 1964

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